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Add a little elegance to your table. This beautiful, clear jelly made with Honey Mead Wine and Wild Olive 25 Star White Balsamic is the perfect, beautiful compliment to cheese and meat boards. Imagine this sweet smooth delight over baked brie, or as an accompaniment to sharp or pungent cheeses like bleu or even swiss. And don’t forget to make the usual extraordinary by spreading on bagels, toast, or fresh-baked scones!

Jam making is an art. All of our small batch Balsamic Jams are lovingly made with simple ingredients...that you can usually count on one hand. We grow as much as we can, and when demand outpaces our ability to produce, we work hard to source from local growers. And when we say "small batch," we mean hand-stirred on the stove top, one batch at a time.

honey meade wine, Wild Olive 25 Star White Balsamic, sugar, pectin, and orange zest

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