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A long standing favorite, our Garlic Chili infused extra virgin olive oil will ignite your taste buds with the perfect fusion of robust garlic and fire-roasted chili flavors. It exhibits delightful heat with a tantalizing garlic backdrop. The perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal.


Drizzle this olive oil in your pan and watch as it infuses your stir-fries, sautés, and roasted vegetables with a zesty kick. Elevate your marinades for chicken, seafood, or meats by including this oil to enhance both the flavor and juiciness of your creations. Brush it over your grilled corn, shrimp, or skewers to add a smoky, spicy flair to your barbecue. Add zest and zing to your bowl of soup, stew, or chili by drizzling a little on top. Pairs well with 25 Star Aged, 25 Star White, Blackberry, Peach White.

Extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, and natural flavors

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