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We start with our delicious recipe for Jalapeño Jam and then turn up the heat by adding habanero. Beautiful color...beautiful burn! But make no mistake, we are not fans of heat for heat's sake, we put a high value on flavor...and this Balsamic Jam tastes great...the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Great with cream cheese and crackers, on a sandwich, or added to your favorite BBQ sauce for a little extra kick. 

Jam making is an art. All of our small batch Balsamic Jams are lovingly made with simple ingredients...that you can usually count on one hand. We grow as much as we can, and when demand outpaces our ability to produce, we work hard to source from local growers. And when we say "small batch," we mean hand-stirred on the stovetop, one batch at a time.

green bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, habanero peppers, sugar, Wild Olive 25 Star White Balsamic, vinegar, pectin

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