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Enjoy the taste of winter all year long. Sweet and warm, this maple balsamic is a great compliment to both sweet and savory dishes. Mix one taste with a little imagination and the menu of your life gets a lot more interesting.

Put a little in your batter for pancakes or waffles or use it to glaze grilled salmon or pork. Wonderful on bacon, in marinades, on poached pears, blueberry muffins, BBQ ribs and veggies. For a quick appetizer or snack, coat pecans and roast at 400 degrees (be sure to line pan with parchment paper). But be careful, they are addictive!

Ingredients: Grape must, wine vinegar, natural extract
| Staci Schulz

This is amazing alone! We glazed our bacon garlic brussel sprouts with it, absolutely to die for!

| Staci Schulz

This is absolutely amazing alone! We put it on bacon garlic brussel sprouts and it was to die for!

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