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Morocco is our inspiration for this beautiful, harmonious blend of 18 spices and herbs. Sun-dried tomatoes and garlic create richness, lemon juice adds tang, honey-a touch of sweet, while chilies and peppers bring subtle warmth. A full-flavored melody to hit every note.

Amazing as a rub and marinade for all kinds of meat-pork, chicken, lamb, or beef.  Swirl into hummus, season hearty stews, or use to create sauces and dressings by mixing with olive oil or yogurt and fresh herbs.

Unrefined sea salt, tomato powder, garlic, coriander, sweet paprika, mint, cilantro, Pasilla Negro chilies, chili powder, caraway, sun-dried tomatoes, honey powder, lemon juice powder, cumin, onion, crushed red pepper, cayenne

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