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Rosemary, in its full flavor and aroma, gently infused in a quality olive oil. Rich and green with a wonderful, woody finish. While nothing compares to using fresh-cut herbs in the kitchen, we find the fresh flavor of our infused oils a far superior substitue to dried herbs.

Finish a luxurious steak with this fine oil or used with roasted or stuffed pork. Excellent with roasted red potatoes...just add a little course sea salt. Pair with our 25 Star Balsamic and Italian bread to create a taste that is out of this world. Also great for adding a special touch to steamed veggies or soups! Pairs well with our 25 Star Dark or White Balsamic, Black Walnut, Savory Smoked, Fig, & Lemon Balsamics.

Olive oil infused with natural flavors


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