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As simple as it sounds. You pick any four of your favorite flavors from around the shop. Mix and match any combination of Olive Oil and Balsamic. Gift set includes 4 100ml bottles and souvenir crate made locally.

CHOOSING FLAVORS: simply type in your chosen flavors* and add this item to your shopping cart. Please identify oil or balsamic as some of our flavors are in both categories. 

*Flavors listed below are limited edition and have already been bottled into our larger bottles so are therefore unavailable for gift crates. There are still available in our standard 250ml and 500ml sizes. We try to keep this list updated, but occasionally there will be flavors we may miss putting on this list. Our apologies in advance if we contact you with a flavor that you've chosen that is not available.

Current Flavors Not Available for Gift Crates:

Lemon Herb Olive Oil

Black Pepper Olive Oil

Blood Orange Olive Oil

Rosemary Olive Oil

Sweet Heat Honey Balsamic

Mandarin Orange Balsamic


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